Thursday, March 24, 2016

Devils Castle Greenville South Carolina

This was posted back in April 2009.

I've found varying reports online about where this Devils Castle really is. Some say it's the site of Herdklotz Park, others say it's on Altamont Rd on Paris Mtn. Someone posted a photo of two pillars that is supposed to be another location for the old TB hospital(apparently someplace also used to house the patients) whether this is true I can't say but the two pillars looked interesting so I set out to find them. I found two sites that could actually be the stone pillars. I don't think either have anything to do with any hospitals but they are interesting to say the least.
Both sites are on Paris Mtn on Altamont Rd.
The first one is actually the location of house for sale. When you go through the pillars there are two drives, one goes to the right leading to the home for sale, the other leads down a dirt road which I'm not sure where that leads or if it's part of the property belonging to the house or not.
It's steep down the trail and I didn't walk all the way down it as I wasn't sure where it lead. As always I was cautious being alone.
The second possibility is at the corner of Altamont and Chestnut Ridge Rd. Not for devils castle just the two stone pillars.
They are very interesting and fascinating.

In another post I will give more details about the two locations and directions on how to get there.
Both places are worth a drive up there to take a look.

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  1. Devil's Castle is a myth. A Wiccan coven has been meeting at a home on Altamont Rd for roughly 30 years and the locals labelled them "devil worshippers".

  2. i have pictures of both places and know the history,there is a statue of a hoofed devil holding a shield before entering the house. the other spot is called the manly mansion on manly road on paris mt and thats where the pillars are located.

    1. can you send me the pictures of those houses on paris mnt. and the manly mansion? thanks

  3. I was wondering where the place with the devil stature is...I live like 1000 feet from the other place on Manly rd...

  4. A hooved devil but not devil worshippers? Lol ok

  5. Ive ridden by the house many times. Long road-driveway to castle-house with a statue of some demon. Lucifer ? whatever! Who know what these people were freakin into ????

  6. All of u are wrong .......that's place that is devil's castle id bout half way up the mountain on the left....u will see the stone columns ....its a coiple gothic architecture houses...not the the castle on up the mountain u will see the columns on the left.....gate is sometimes open......