Thursday, March 31, 2016

Helens Bridge-Asheville North Carolina

This is being reposted. It was originally posted back in May or June 2009. Visit my new blogs at Haunted Abandoned CarolinasSassygrrl32 which is my personal travel blog and Life990 which is my old personal dishing the dirt blog.

I visited this place not too long ago during the day and at night as well. I didn't find anything particularly interesting about it other than the structure of the bridge which appeared to be very old. It may be haunted as many claim but I didn't see, hear or feel anything. It was an interesting place. You could say I'm a skeptic regarding this location but I don't rule out that it is haunted as it may very well be.
It is said what is in the woods around the bridge are dark, not things you would want to run into at any time.

Directions: It was rather difficult for me to find as it isn't well mappable and directions online are foggy at best. The best way to access the site is to turn onto old chunns cove rd next to the bus station. The bridge is actually on college st not vance gap rd as many state. The house which is a private residence now is on vance gap rd off college st not off town mountain rd as is everywhere online. The actual bridge where you can walk across it are on windswept rd.

CAUTION: There are signs posted, No Trespassing, put there by the Asheville Police Department which could land you a night in jail if caught on the bridge or in area around bridge. So be cautious and safe. You could run into more than a police officer having a bad night.

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