Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Old Old Hwy 11-Cleveland South Carolina

This is a very interesting photo taken on old old hwy 11 off geer hwy in cleveland, sc. I found this just down the road from a house that I've been eyeing for awhile.
It's interesting in the fact that it is the only house on the street and it burned almost to the ground but not quite. While exploring I found this and decided to take a picture. Others might not find it quite as appealing as I did but it's an interesting structure and probably very old.
Haunted? Probably not. Not everything I find is, some is, most is not.
On a scale of 1-20 I rate it a 7. This is just for this particular structure. The road itself I rate a 10. I find it very interesting. And a bit spooky. Definitely isolated and deserted and private. But that might not be a good thing especially at night. So a word of caution be careful.
This is located on old, old hwy 11 off geer hwy in Cleveland, SC.

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