Friday, March 11, 2016

Old TB Hospital Greenville South Carolina

This was written back in April 2009.

Was located where the new Herdklotz Park is. From my reading the boiler room and basement are still intact. I have no personal knowledge of this.
I just got through visiting this site. Supposedly it is haunted. That I can't attest to. The first time I got there it was quite busy so I came back later but it was too late. It was already dark and the park closes at sundown. So I plan to go back.
There is alot of misinformation online about where the old hospital is actually located. Unfortunately, I don't know where it was supposed to be but from my reading online from posters who apparently went through the courthouse archives the park is where it used to be.
It's interesting and I will go back.
I didn't find it as interesting as some places I've visited.
How to get there:
If you're coming from NC or the travelers Rest area turn onto State Park Rd from US-25 like you're going to Paris Mountain State Park, at the traffic light where the CVS is turn to the left which is Piney Mtn Rd(if you turn in the opposite direction you'll be on Altamont and in the Paris Mtn area), you'll come to another traffic light which N. Pleasantburg Rd, turn to the left(you'll see a Bilo on the right), go up one light to Rutherford Rd and turn to the left, go down until you see the Farmers Market and turn to the left on Beverly Rd and you'll come right into Herdklotz Park.
There may be easier ways of getting there but from NC or upper Greenville county this is probably the best way.

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  1. i actually went there many times as a teenager when the hospital was still there. It WAS IN FACT HAUNTED! i went to every room in the building and actually did a documentary on it. i do have a picture of it and will try to find it to download it. i believe it was one of the few truely haunted places in the world. today i still miss it and will always consider it to be a jewel in my memory.

  2. would love to see that picture

  3. there is another haunted tb place in Louisville KY. some of this stuff is not real but some i believe!!

  4. I truly believe this site is haunted! Two years ago my friends and I would always go to the park and hang out at night after it closed but you have to park across the street. And one time we parked and started heading towards the park but we just felt like we weren't alone and were being watched so after walking only like ten feet we turned around and went back to the car. A pair of fairly big rusty scissors were on top of the trunk in like a straightly aligned way in the dead center of the part of the car covering the trunk. We heard nothing when we were walking and were no more than 10-15 ft away. My friend didnt recognize the scissors but we drove the car around a minute to make sure there was no way they could've been there prior and just stayed on the whole ride but they fell off within seconds. This was before I had heard anything about it beig an old TB site. I told my mom that night and she said that's so weird bc it's said to be haunted. I still have the scissors to this day and am still freaked out.

  5. Guys, you should have seen this place in 2004 (before it burned down).

    if any place is haunted in G-Ville, this was it. I first went there with a bunch of friends. We climbed a gravel driveway up to it since it was on a forested hill.

    We came around a corner kidding, we were faced with an overgrown maze garden, encompassed by a long, circular driveway which branched off and led up to a massive, white-wooden, multi-storied goliath, complete with clock/bell tower and ramps up to the door (for TB and mentally ill patients in wheelchairs). We didn't go in because (1) it was crazy-hard to find a way in and (2) our friends wouldn't join us.

    Since we were young and stupid, me and 2 of my friends, the bravest (stupidest) of us, decided to complete the deal, go back to the TB hospital, and find a way to the TB hospital tower. We took 3 flashlights, and one wouldn't go in without a bat and the other a golf-club (lol).

    Highlight of the night: Being on the third floor in the dark, three of us crossing a wooden beam to get the clock-tower, and then having one of us shine the flashlight down to the floor to instead see 3 stories of nothing but air straight down all around us. Yeah. We were stupid.

    I didn't encounter anything supernatural, but I can tell you that it's probably one of the most terrifying places I've ever been - and I've seen crazy, haunted stuff in Scotland.

    It ends up it may have been the bums, not the ghosts, that we should have been afraid of. Being abandoned so long, it was apparently a haven for vagrants and drug-fiends. One of their fires caused the hospital to eventually burn down a few years later.

    It's a shame. One of the coolest places I've been. I still have a small pipe from the place that I took as a trophy from the bell-tower. (Yeah, I'm an idiot).