Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bivings House Glendale SC

Surprisingly, today was the day I decided I would go to Glendale and find this supposedly haunted house. The day started out nicely as I got onto the interstate to head to my destination. Behind me was an old Edsel and unlike many of the old cars I see on the road driving slowly this one was driving quite fast probably over 80 mph. I was driving between 75 and 80 mph for quite a ways before I had to make a stop.
It was nice to see one of these old cars driving fast rather than poking along like it hardly runs even though it has been restored and this one had definitely been restored.

I followed the google map and surprisingly it took my right to my destination. Often times the map gets it wrong and I have to make a few adjustments to get where I'm going.
I finally got there and I wasn't sure if I had found the right place but it looked like the description I've read about online. Either way I wanted to get out and take a picture but there was a man on his front porch so I decided to come back a little while later when maybe he would be gone. I was no mood to answer questions on this day.
I went around the corner and parked and went down the walking trail at Glendale Shoals and it talked about Bivings, the mill and the history. Glendale used to be called Bivingsville. There is quite a bit of information about this area. It's a very historical area.

As I walked down the trail taking pictures and looking I saw the back side of the house(or what I thought was the back side). I finally made my way around one of the trails and got a closer look and took some pictures of the house and what's left of the old mill. The house is completely fenced, front and back and all the windows boarded up so there is no access not that accessing it would have been a good idea since it's a fairly populated area with all the houses very close together.
It's a beautiful white columned house. It's absolutely gorgeous on the outside.

I walked across the bridge and to the other side where the water can be accessed and took some more pictures. There are several abandoned houses right there on Emma Cudd Rd and an old building(I'm not sure if it was supposed to be a house or what, it looks more like an old business that's long shut down).

I took a number of pictures which I will post but I wanted to get everything down while it's all still fresh.
I did not experience anything out of the ordinary on this trip. I most definitely will return at a later date. It was very hot and I did not have a pair of walking shoes in my car. I wanted to explore a bit more but I was getting hungry. I'll go back later maybe when it's not quite so hot.

I drove on down to Clifton. There are a number of abandoned houses and buildings there too and what looks to be an old mill there as well. There is an old furniture store that has been boarded up and a business(it looks to have been a miniature strip type mall at one time).

Before leaving I took a picture of the back side of the house. I was able to get alot closer on the back side. Still I didn't feel anything. I've read reports online about people who have experienced creepy feelings, etc. while there.
A paranormal group from the upstate has even investigated this old house. Their findings were not published.

It's still a nice house even though it's been empty a long time.

I took I-26 to exit 5 toward Chesnee and turned right on Island Ford Rd then right on Poors Ford Rd then left on Boiling Springs Rd then took a right on Hwy 176 E and followed it until I came to Whitestone-Glendale Ave and took a left. I followed it until I came to Glendale Ave and turned right and followed it until I came to Glendale Shoals. The house is right there on Glendale Ave and Glendale Shoals is behind the post office. On the other side off Emma Cudd Rd is where the water can be accessed and there is a paddling area.
I didn't get a chance to walk the entire trail and hope to get back soon to do so.
Actual date May 16, 2010

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