Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ghost Towns Of SC

This is a photo of an old house in Travelers Rest SC. Not exactly a ghost town but oh well....
The house has now been torn down.
While searching for abandoned houses in SC mainly to see where I rank in search results, I came across this rather interesting site on ghost towns and hosted on blogger no less.
I've spent a fair amount of time searching for ghost towns in South Carolina and other places with very little luck. Although what passes for a ghost town today is not what I envision. I envision an old town with old time saloons and stores that are long gone. Well, today's ghost town is more similar to a town that has just dried up. Dried up meaning most of the businesses are gone but there might be one or two left that are about to go down the same path as their former counterparts but they are still struggling to hold on.
But last year I found a true, bonafide ghost town in South Carolina and it wasn't that far for me to drive. It was only about two hours away. A good little clip for some but not for me. Four hours is more like my limit although I've  been known to drive six or more hours away to explore something especially when I've grown tired of exploring and photographing the same places. Since it's been awhile since my last true photography session, it won't be so bad to only drive only a short distance from home. Besides I'm devoting most of the winter and spring to getting my blogs off the ground to have time for travel. The only travel I still do is with work(I'll go into that in another post).
That true ghost town....I know I got sidetracked there for a bit just like I always do. It's in Chappell's SC. I actually drove right on my by it going to Saluda SC but when I stopped at a library looking for ghost town in the area I realized I wasn't very far away from it. I found it through another explorer/photographer that lives in Laurens, SC I believe.
Once I found the information I drove back and was able to find the place with better directions. There is a Main St in Chappell's but you'd never know it because it is so easy to miss. It's almost across the street from the Post Office and a little gas station(which BTW down the street from the gas station are two abandoned houses and on the other side of the PO is more abandoned houses which I didn't get an opportunity to photograph as there were too much traffic and too many people that might be related or know whoever owned these falling down houses so I decided to pass it up for another time) down what it appears to be a side road and of course it's called Main St. There is one house on the corner.
Every building on the road is abandoned and falling down and there are some old, falling down houses in the woods(these are better seen in the winter when all the leaves are gone). I actually trekked into the woods to get the pictures and was later chastised by a friend about the possibility of copperheads and I was wearing flip flops, probably not a good idea. But this one old amazing house which was falling down, so badly I had to shoot from the outside but all the windows were gone so it was fairly easy, still had a towel hanging on a nail in what was probably a bedroom. This house appeared to have never had electricity and it probably didn't have running water either. It was very old and delapidated and most certainly not safe enough to try to step inside as the house tilted to one side.
I took a number of pictures but couldn't find them as of right now so I will post them later when I have time to look for them. While in this area I took a number of abandoned house pictures and nature pictures too. Overall, it was a great visit and I would like to go back soon(especially in the Clinton area, there are lots of abandoned houses there too) but not when it's hot and definitely not in the summer. Jane Bissi

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