Saturday, March 12, 2016

Abandoned House Hendersonville North Carolina 114

This picture was taken in May 2009.

This picture was taken in Hendersonville on Upward Rd and Deep Gap Rd. The house number is 23 if I have it written down correctly. It looks to be in relatively good shape.
Hendersonville doesn't have too many abandoned houses, really abandoned ones that are falling down. Apparently the county doesn't allow it. That's my guess anyway. As South Carolina has quite a number of delapidated abandoned houses and no one seems to care. Or never been complained about.

I've been visiting and photographing allegedly haunted and/or abandoned houses/places/roads/highways, etc. for several years now. In the beginning it was mostly North and South Carolina but later when I started travelling extensively I started visiting places throughout the south, midwest and Michigan and Ohio and occasionally other places. Not too many are creepy but most are in disrepair and rural decay. I like photographing old houses, cemeteries, barns, old cars(restored and unrestored) nature, lakes, oceans, etc.

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  1. Ive lived in theses mountians for twenty years and deep gap is verry haunted!! My friend tony lived on the road were that house is and we have seen shadows run through this place in the day and night!! Go see you will be a beliver!!!!

  2. i've lived one road down from this house and used to take nightly walks with my friends bcuz i was a night owl when i was younger. i can't say i've ever seen anything, but i've heard stories and i certainly felt something strange around. it never seemed threatening though so we dismissed it.

  3. Hendersonville at night is a VERY eerie place.I used to go to parties at a small apartment off downtown,and hated even walking up the block to get cigarettes after dark.My family moved to the area in the mid 1980s,and I grew up right down the mountain.
    Really want a skin crawling experience?Try the old episcopal church in Flat Rock.My fiancee ended up running to the car and still won't go back.We got some great pictures,if anyone is interested in seeing them,contact me.