Sunday, March 20, 2016

Bearwallow Mountain Hendersonville North Carolina

This was posted back in April 2009.
After posting this I got several emails telling me this place was indeed haunted. There are several abandoned houses in the area. As for hauntings I don't know. I didn't feel anything but didn't stay very long, just drove through getting to Grant Mtn Road and planned on going back to photograph some of the abandoned houses but not never got back.

Well, today was a busy one of exploration. Bearwallow Mtn was my last stop before heading home. I was going to drive it all the way out but due to the lateness of the hour and upset stomach I decided to wrap it up early and head home.
There have been reports of demons, wolf spirits and a ghostly maiden on the mountain. I didn't see anything except the pitch black.
I decided to turn around when I hit N. Bearwallow Mtn. I've driven up there before but it has been awhile and I remember being warned about getting stuck up there although I was in a bigger car. Nonetheless, I was in no mood for that.
I will visit the Mtn again during the day to see how it looks before heading back out at night. I don't remember ever driving the Mtn out. So it would be nice to do that.

It's a place worth driving to even if there are no ghosts. It's beautiful. Definitely a place of interest that I will visit again when I have time.

Directions: Take I-26 to exit 49A(Chimney Rock/Lake Lure) and follow Four Seasons Blvd out until you come to the traffic light which is Fruitland Rd, turn left there and follow that out until you come to Mills Gap Rd and go straight veering slightly to the left(that's Old Clear Creek Rd), follow that until you come to Bearwallow Mtn and turn left. There will be a white house to your right as you turn. Simply follow Bearwallow Mtn out. You will come into N. Bearwallow Mtn.
It gets pretty windy the farther you go.

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  1. i used to live on this road and i have to say that all though i dont know if the road is haunted the house i lived in definatly is. i will say to walk the road at night is a whole different feel from driving it