Friday, March 25, 2016

Bell Mountain-Tuxedo North Carolina

This was posted back in 2009. As far as I know this place is still there. The last time I was up there(about a year ago) it was still there but most everything that was in the old building across the road is gone. It has been plundered through and anything that could be stolen has been.

This is one of the most interesting places I've found next to an old mansion in Charlotte that is supposedly haunted.

After doing some research online I found some new places to investigate.

The story goes with this one is there is ghost of a man smoking a pipe up on the summit of Bell Mtn. I'm not quite sure where the summit is but it is a very interesting locations with two abandoned houses. If you follow Bell Mtn all the way out you will come to a dead end that goes into the Greenville Watershed area which is off limits with no trespassing signs clearly posted.

After doing some research and going to a few other supposedly haunted areas where there are no buildings I've discovered there is almost always an abandoned house nearby. Some are falling down, old timey houses that were probably left to rot when a loved one died but there are a few others that are in not much disrepair which makes me wonder if these homes were just abandoned because the person/people decided to stop paying their taxes or their was high paranormal activity in the area that forced them to leave and once the house/area gains that reputation it is difficult to rent or sell.

It also makes me wonder if the ghost sightings correlate with the fact the former residents of these now falling down shacks refuse to leave their homes even in death so they still roam the area continuing to live in their former homes.

There is one very specific house on Bell Mtn that has two falling down sheds across the street that is located in the curve of the road near the end of Bell Mtn Rd. I visited during the day and found the house to be in amazingly good shape for a house built back in the 1800's. This leads me to believe the person that occupied this house hasn't been dead that long perhaps only ten years or so, maybe longer but not long enough for the house to start falling down. It appears the house did not have power as their are no power poles in the area of the house so it probably did not have running water although it could have. I did not see an outhouse although there could have been one at some and it has since fallen down. There was a doghouse still intact and appeared to be well built.

Across the street were the sheds and they were falling down. What was once the doors were shackled closed but the boards holding the shed together were in such disrepair it was quite easy to see inside.

There were many old remnants of whoever had once lived there. The children more than likely packed the shed up when their loved one died and simply have not gotten back to tend to the place.

There were old esso containers, an old aluminum washtub, some very old timey chairs, an old wood heater that is now rusted out and most notably old coca cola and nehi bottles. Some were broken most were not.

I went out again at night and it could have been my imagination, lights, etc. but I', pretty sure I saw a shadow moving about in the old shed and it couldn't have been a human as a person could not get inside the old building. I drove back around and saw it again. An animal possibly but I doubted it as there is no food inside the old shed.

An interesting place definitely. And also there have supposedly been ghost sightings in this location which leads me to wonder if it has anything to do with the ghost sightings. Possibly long ago residents unwilling to leave their homes. Either way, worth a visit.

Directions: It is easily mapped using google maps.

On a scale of 1 to 20 I give Bell Mtn a 10.

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