Saturday, March 12, 2016

Campbells Covered Bridge-South Carolina

This picture was taken in May 2009.

Campbells Covered Bridge-Gowensville SC
I'm not sure which town the bridge is listed in, it's either Gowensville which is how I listed it or Landrum.
I've taken several pictures at this location. The Greenville Spirit Research Society has done an investigation here and from their research the bridge is supposedly haunted. I was quite surprised as I've never seen anything posted online about it being haunted.
Either way it's an interesting place to visit.
Interest level: I put it at a 12 on a scale of 1-20. You can park right in front of the bridge. There is a nice creek. It's a beautiful area. I will be posting more pictures later.

I've been visiting and photographing allegedly haunted and/or abandoned houses/places/roads/highways, etc. for several years now. In the beginning it was mostly North and South Carolina but later when I started travelling extensively I started visiting places throughout the south, midwest and Michigan and Ohio and occasionally other places. Not too many are creepy but most are in disrepair and rural decay. I like photographing old houses, cemeteries, barns, old cars(restored and unrestored) nature, lakes, oceans, etc.

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  1. I have pictures of strange things showing up in my pictures of this bridge that i cannot explain. Nice area

  2. I have been and never felt anything but it is a beautiful area. If you are still photographing abandoned buildings in the area there is a little run down house on hogback mountain road in Landrum (if you come to landrum down 26 you would pass hogback on the way to the bridge). This house is situated just at the front of the peach fields. Its little and dark looking and once and awhile I used to walk by it just when it was getting dark and once when it was quite dark as I had timed my walk all wrong! Creepy little place on the right side of the road that probably housed migrant workers at one point. I used to joke with my teenager and stop the car in front of it at night and tell him we were at his stop. LOL. Of course he never got out but I never could resist saying it. About 1/4 mile up on the left there is a silo and storage area and another old building or barn that the orchard now uses for storage.

  3. I woud love to add a pic..dnt know how Lol..has a white blur over the steps to the old house foundation