Friday, March 18, 2016

Paris Mountain Greenville South Carolina

I just visited Paris Mtn while looking for the old TB hospital. It is absolutely beautiful up there. There are many homes for sale unfortunately.
It would appear to me the people in this area like their privacy and seclusion as almost every home has iron gates that are kept closed.
There were a couple of interesting spots that I will probably go back and explore later.
I found this particular area while searching for the old TB Hospital and Altamont Dr came up. I'm not sure why as it has nothing to do with the old hospital.
Someone posted some pics online concerning the hospital(later stated it had nothing to do with the hospital) that looked interesting. It was a photo of two stone pillars. If I'm not mistaken those two pillars belong to a house there on Altamont Dr but I could be mistaken as I didn't go up the drive to see. I'm wary of trespassing on someone elses property unless I know it is empty and even then I'm cautious.
It's a beautiful area that deserves a look. And there are a couple of interesting structures in the area.

Of interest: There are also two pillars(posts) that look to be wooden right off US-25 located across from old hwy 25 going to the Poinsett Bridge Preserve. It was too late when I came back to explore so I will have to go back and explore it later but it looks interesting. I drove by there one day and a car was parked on the small road leading to the wooden posts so I could not stop that day either. But I plan to get back there. I wonder what could be back there and why only two posts stand. What kind of business could it have been?
There are certainly enough old businesses closed down and abandoned houses in the upper Greenville county area.

Upcoming: I will post more about my exploration of the two wooden posts off of US-25.

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