Monday, March 28, 2016

Park Ave Biz-Oconee SC

This was posted back in May 2009. The picture got deleted somehow.

This is an old abandoned business on park avenue in Oconee County SC. It may be in the town of Salem but I'm not sure. It was probably an old store years ago. I've found a fair number of old stores around the Carolina's that have been forced out of business by bigger conglomerates. The day of the old Mom and Pop outfits are gone. The only remnants of these places are these old abandoned buildings that one day will not be there either. Eventually they will be mowed and gone forever. The only remains will be the memories of those that can remember when they actually shopped at these places and one day that too will be gone and all of their stories as the old folks die off and these places are all but totally forgotten.
Interest level: 1-20 scale, a 9.5. There is parking right in front of the building obviously. It may belong to the people that live in the house just up the way from it so I don't suggest trying to trespass to get a better look at yesteryear's history. It is interesting, it is a part of history. Haunted? No.

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