Friday, March 11, 2016

Spartanburg South Carolina Tanning Yards

This was posted back in April 2009. I've been back to the tanning yards a few times. I have taken pictures but I lost all of my content so I don't know if I have any left or not. If I ever get back here I will put up some photos.
On one such visit during the day I got a terribly bad, uneasy feeling in the area and I couldn't shake it for 45 minutes. Even after I'd left and was driving on the interstate the bad feeling stayed with me. After a few hours of not understanding what could have caused such feelings of despair I decided to go back that night. I didn't get the same bad feeling that night. In fact, I felt nothing. I've been back a few times since and haven't experienced anything like that day and nothing paranormal. Although, it is creepy.

I was told by one of my commenters that the tanning yards used to be used for tanning cow hides. Also read online that a long time ago people would shove cars off into a neaby pond killing the victims. There was a woman raped and hanged from the train trestle and some say you can see her on rainy nights.

I just visited the tanning yards in Spartanburg near the new Adidas plant. I'm not sure why they call them that. They have nothing to do with tanning and there are no old textile plants in the area. When I first read it I assumed it had something to do with old abandoned plants. Not so.
Not sure how it got it's name but I will say this most of the places I visit have as far as I can see no real paranormal activity, none that I pick up anyway.
This place which is actually a residential neighborhood with the homes spaces fairly widely apart is very creepy. I felt a sense of dread even after I left the place and was almost home. I live in NC so that was a fair distance away. I live pretty close to the SC state line so I naturally aggregate toward SC and I also like SC. Although, I've explored a number of places in NC as well and even into Tennessee and Virginia. I haven't made into Georgia yet.
Anyway, back to the tanning yards(as they are called), it is a nice area but with a deep sense of dread that hung with me for quite awhile. I visited during the day first and that's when I felt it the worst. Went back later at night and still felt it but not as much. The site of the most dread for me occurred under the train tracks. I felt a strong sense of sadness and dread. For me this is out of the ordinary. There are only a few places that I've felt something and this was one of them most definitely.
The whole area has a sense of dread but the train tracks are the worst.
I believe the story goes there was a woman raped there.
Another notable place on my exploration was an old abandoned business(probably a small plant of some sort) on College st off of N. Blackstock rd.
There are several ways to get to the tanning yards. I took I-26 to exit 16 and turned onto John Dodd Rd and then left onto N. Blackstock rd, followed that out until I got to Falling Creek rd and took a right there. On the other side of Falling Creek Rd is a Valero station. I followed that out, passed the Adidas plant and ket going straight which will take you into a residential area. After a bit you'll come to a pond on the left which is also supposed to be a spot where cars have been dumped then the train tracks. At the end of Falling Creek Rd cornering Cedar Crest Rd is a small cemetery. Also interesting.
It's an interesting place. Worth a trip to look around.

I've been visiting and photographing allegedly haunted and/or abandoned houses/places/roads/highways, etc. for several years now. In the beginning it was mostly North and South Carolina but later when I started travelling extensively I started visiting places throughout the south, midwest and Michigan and Ohio and occasionally other places. Not too many are creepy but most are in disrepair and rural decay. I like photographing old houses, cemeteries, barns, old cars(restored and unrestored) nature, lakes, oceans, etc.

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  1. they are called the tanning yards because that is the place they use to tan cow hides back in the day. there was murder there in the 60s. a couple of high school kids were parked there making out, probably right around the time the Cherokee Strangler was doing his killings.
    someone came upon the young couple, killed them and beheaded the girl. leaving her head on the dash staring out the window.
    i camped out there with a friend in the early 70s. during the day we heard some weird things but thought nothing of it. we got to the train trestle that runs through there and just like the movie "stand by me" we were caught in the middle of it when a train approached. unlike the movie we did not make it to the bank and jump off. we dropped beneath the ties and hung above the river that runs under the trestle.
    that evening was very creepy. we decided we could not stay the night so we jumped on our bicycles to split, probably around midnight or so. my bike just would not go, can't really recall what the problem was. i jumped on the back my pal's bike. we were moving pretty good when a sudden jerk stopped us dead. something had ahold of the sissy bar and we were dead still. i swung around with my hand and suddenly the bike dropped to the ground and we were off. i'll never forget it.

  2. Are you sure it isn't the Gaffney strangler? When I was there during the day it was very creepy. The feeling stayed with me for several hours that day. Returned at night, it wasn't so bad but didn't stay.

  3. I grew up a mile from the tan yards.fished there in the seventies.even swam in the pond.never saw a ghost.a friend of mine lived in an old 2 story house about a half mile from there.his family swore that ghosts of native Americans could be seen and heard near a very old and large oak tree at the front of their yard.the tan yards ,in the sixties and seventies was the unofficial dump of the county and a high crime area.several unsolved murders,and a lot of stolen goods dumped in the lake.the last time i walked in ,i was around 14,the mid 70s,i witnessed a man holding a gun on a woman in a car.when i saw it i immediately changed directions,and he came after me with his car.i barely escaped.the police were called but no one was ever caught.i have always had the hopes that i may have saved that womans life,but who knows.....