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Vintage 1963 Ford Motorhome

This was posted back in January 2013.

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My uncle offered this for sale sometime ago.

This Ford Condor is one of the earliest factory produced motorhomes to have ever been offered at an online auction site and may be the earliest Condor in existence. This motorhome draws a crowd wherever it goes. It is in excellent original and driving condition with only 74,000 miles and still retaining its original drivetrain with Ford 292 V8 engine and dual rear tires. The VIN number is P50CH337476. This was built by Condor on a Ford P500 truck chassis and was sold by Ford dealers and advertised nationally by the Ford factory. The mileage, which appears to be correct because of the overall condition, is quite low for a nearly 50 year old vehicle. This vehicle was driven by the previous owner for several hundred miles in one day and since then my mechanics have rebuilt the brake master cylinder, tuned up the engine, installed a new heavy duty battery, rebuilt the original carburetor, and put six brand new Samson GL283A 8R19.5 tires on it (these tires alone cost about $2,000 installed), put all new rubber weather stripping on the front windows. Please see the many photos that follow. It runs and drives great now, and it always starts instantly, although because of its age and upcoming winter weather, I would advise shipping it for safety reasons, as I did when I bought it. It has a current New York registration / title in my name and also has a current New York State motor vehicle inspection sticker. This motor home is in really superb original condition with the retro 1960’s look on the upholstery fabric, curtains, formica, carpet, etc, all of which appears to be original to the vehicle. The curtains look nice on the inside, but the color on the outside has faded because of sunlight coming through the windows. I have not had the opportunity to test the several accessories such as stove, refrigerator, shower, rooftop air conditioner, heater, huge side vinyl canopy, many internal lights, roof ventilators, etc, but overall it looks to be in such great condition that I assume that these all work or could be put into working order with a minimum of work. Also included is a huge vehicle cover which completely covers the motorhome.
I was told that the original owner, who owned it until a few years ago, was an officer in the military and was very careful about this vehicle, always keeping it inside and caring for it over the years. It does not appear to have any accident damage at all and the aluminum body and chassis appear to be excellent overall. There is a plastic cover that went on the roof that was damaged / cracked when the motorhome was transported to me. I think this cover was only for aerodynamics and the vehicle does not seem to leak anywhere and all windows open and shut fine. Some time ago, there was a rear camera added to the dash which works perfectly and enables one to see what is directly behind the motorhome which cannot be seen in the mirrors. There is also an old CB radio and the working condition of this is unknown. This vehicle sold for approximately $10,000 with accessories in 1963 which is a tremendous amount of money in 2012 dollars. I have found another person who owns a 1965 Condor on the internet but no others that are earlier, although they may exist. I will also include an original 1963 Ford Condor sales brochure and price list with the vehicle.
This is a great vehicle for someone who is interested in displaying it at vintage motorhome and trailer shows and may be the first Ford Condor in existence. A gallery of images can be viewed
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