Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wolf Laurel Sign North Carolina

This was posted back in 2009 sometime. The top photo is picture of the Wolf Laurel sign in NC off of interstate 26 heading west towards Johnson City/Kingsport Tennessee/Gate City Virginia which is one of my favorite small towns.

This is a picture of an empty, abandoned house in Gowensville SC it may or may not be considered Landrum SC. Either way it's abandoned. The address is 1631 Hwy 11, Gowensville SC. I've driven by here numerous times and it has been abandoned for over a year that I know about. It may have been alot longer than that. I don't know. There is a back door that is open if I remember correctly but I didn't go inside as it was raining the day I was exploring.

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A little about me: I've been photographing allegedly haunted places and abandoned houses, old buildings, empty businesses, rusty cars, places of rural decay, etc, since April 2009 when my husband first got me into it. I would go and explore places that were supposed to be haunted and would take note as to where they were but that was it. He told me I should take pictures so that's what I started doing. I developed an avid interest in all things haunted and abandoned after I was in a major three car accident and finally started taking pictures of them. I started with mostly places in upper Greenville County SC and a few around Western North Carolina, Hendersonville and Edneyville NC but didn't find near as many in NC as SC so I stuck to that. Over time I started exploring many more places in SC eventually leading into Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia(in fact, VA is one of my favorite places to visit) and Kentucky. When I get to I go to Michigan(I so love the Great Lakes) In fact, I lived there for awhile. Wilmington NC is another favorite place to visit.
I'm from Florida originally so I have to include FL on that list. My favorite place there is the Everglades.
Some of the best supposedly haunted(creepy) places to visit in SC are the Spartanburg Tan Yards, the site of the old TB Hospital, the old buncombe baby cemetery(Hickory Point baby graveyard) in Greenville SC, Hester's Store in Easley SC(I've heard it's going to be torn down), Campbell's Covered Bridge, New Salem Baptist Church Cemetery(been there a number of times) and in NC the Spencer Mtn Mansion in Charlotte NC(it is completely boarded up and impossible to gain entry, Helen's Bridge in Asheville NC, Lincoln Academy in Gastonia NC(the site where Kathleen Smiley was raped, tortured and murdered and Bearwallow Mountain in Hendersonville NC. Along the way, I've found a few abandoned houses that were quite eerie and foreboding.
My interest in psychics, the afterlife, witchcraft, ghosts, the paranormal, etc., became much more pronounced after my second car accident. Over time my love of photography has led into taking pictures of nature, vintage items, classic cars, old house interiors(when I can trespass safely) and almost anything I think will take a good photograph,
I'm a wife, amateur photographer, urban explorer and legendhunter. By that I mean I hunt legends, not ghosts. I'm also an entrepreneur, property manager(and renovation manager), PT truck driver and travel frequently with my job. When I get the time I sell on auction sites as well. Blogging, photography and writing are my passions. Oh yeah and movies. I love movies and reading when I can.

I've been visiting and photographing allegedly haunted and/or abandoned houses/places/roads/highways, etc. for several years now. In the beginning it was mostly North and South Carolina but later when I started travelling extensively I started visiting places throughout the south, midwest and Michigan and Ohio and occasionally other places. Not too many are creepy but most are in disrepair and rural decay. I like photographing old houses, cemeteries, barns, old cars(restored and unrestored) nature, lakes, oceans, etc.

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Peace and blessings be with you.......

By HauntedLegendHunter

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