Friday, April 8, 2016

394 Cool Spring Church Rd-Travelers Rest South Carolinas

This is another house located on Cool Spring Church Rd. Unlike the other house I photographed this one is just empty. I looked up the property information for this house and the owner doesn't live too far away on the same street. I believe it is next door but I'm not sure. There is no for sale or for rent sign in front of it so it eludes me as to what the owner intends to do with it.
It's a very nice place located on the end of the street right at hwy 414. It's not so much that the house is so nice it's the area and landscaping surrounding it which is quite beautiful. The house appears to be in fairly good condition.
I rate this house a 10 on a scale of 1 to 20. There is nice parking area next to the house, a driveway. Unfortunately, fairly close neighbors whether the owners or not I don't know.

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Thursday, April 7, 2016

83 Cool Spring Church Rd-Travelers Rest South Carolina

I found this place while joyriding through Travelers Rest which until recently I thought was Tigerville.
Anyway this old house is abandoned. Some of the windows are gone. It's fairly secluded but not too much.
On my first visit I found it rather creepy and heard a number of noises coming from inside which could have been animals or someone could be using it as a place to stay out of the weather such as homeless person.
As always I urge caution when visiting these places as one could encounter an angry squatter that doesn't like his domain/home invaded even though it's abandoned.
I actually found this place when I mapped another spot that is supposedly haunted nearby.
On a scale of 1 to 20 I give it a 9. Not bad. It's a nice area, I found it interesting. And there is a driveway one can park in and there aren't any close neighbors to be nosy and not too much traffic. It is also flat with no ditches or ravines. A definite plus.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Spencer Mtn Mansion-Charlotte North Carolina

I visited this place some time ago and went on several occasions during the day and at night. I haven't been in awhile but don't want to go alone. It is very interesting to say the least. The history of the place can be read about online along with directions on how to get there.

I had first passed this place when in the area buying a car but I had no idea of it's history or anything about it. I was surprised when I realized I was that close but had inkling this house even existed.

I can say without a doubt without even a moments hesitation and I am somewhat of a skeptic that this place is haunted. I can't with certainty say by what force or energy but my gut says the things that haunt this place are not good. There could be good ones but I'd say the bad outweighs the good.

When we went even though it is clearly posted, No Trespassing, we still went inside the house which really is a house not a mansion as it says but back in the day it probably was considered a mansion. I didn't really feel anything odd or out of place in the house. The one thing I noticed that was unusual, although it appears kids and others have there so they could have been the culprits, were chairs in front of every window. I thought that a little odd.

The weirdness was outside around the house. To be more specific, the woods around the house are what's weird. And very creepy. There is some type of animal in those woods that makes a screeching sound that make it impossible to explore the area without fear and since I'm uncertain of what type of animal could be making the sounds I was loathe to explore further as was my companion so we left the wooded area.
To be specific the wooded area surrounding the house reeks of death and not of a dead animal but human death. I was parked out front in the little parking area in front of the house and the odor wafted out there. I imagine the wind picked up slightly and carried it our way. It was so spooky we promptly left after trying to explore the woods. I didn't get any bad feelings inside the house but outside was another story. However, there have been reports of ghosts and paranormal activity with this house and it seems to be pretty well documented.
I'm more of a skeptic and even this house made my hair stand on end and not because it was weird because there is some type of presence at this house and as I said earlier my gut says it isn't good.

We also explored across the street at what was more than likely pharr yarns at one time. Nothing spooky about it. It appears to be used as a fishing hole by many. Nothing spectacular but still interesting as it is connected with the house.
The house is one creepy building. I give it a 20 on a scale of 1-20 which you'll probably never see, not much anyway. A word of warning DO NOT go alone to this house. In fact if possible it is best to visit with more than two people so everyone can give his/her take on the house just to have some perspective. And give insight and information. Especially if you study the paranormal. This will be beneficial in your research.

It is located in Spencer Mtn out of Ranlo. If I'm not mistaken it is on Spencer Mtn Rd. It has been awhile since I visited. I would like to go back soon and take some photographs.
Also beware as it is clearly posted no trespassing you could be fined or even taken to jail if the police catch you. But honestly I think that is the least of your worries.

Again a 20 on a scale of 1-20 on the interest and spooky scale. My opinion, definitely haunted.

One can park right in front of the house as there is a cutout parking area or directly across the street where the old Pharr yarns used to be.

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Old Old Hwy 11-Cleveland South Carolina

This is a very interesting photo taken on old old hwy 11 off geer hwy in cleveland, sc. I found this just down the road from a house that I've been eyeing for awhile.
It's interesting in the fact that it is the only house on the street and it burned almost to the ground but not quite. While exploring I found this and decided to take a picture. Others might not find it quite as appealing as I did but it's an interesting structure and probably very old.
Haunted? Probably not. Not everything I find is, some is, most is not.
On a scale of 1-20 I rate it a 7. This is just for this particular structure. The road itself I rate a 10. I find it very interesting. And a bit spooky. Definitely isolated and deserted and private. But that might not be a good thing especially at night. So a word of caution be careful.
This is located on old, old hwy 11 off geer hwy in Cleveland, SC.

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Sunday, April 3, 2016

New Salem Baptist Church South Carolina

Salem Baptist Church, Travelers Rest SC. Some refer to it as Salem Baptist Church, Tigerville SC.
It is not too far from the North Greenville University.

I'm referring to the cemetery. There are numerous reports online about the cemetery being haunted. I can't attest to this as I've been there a number of times and felt nothing. I've been several times during the day, one of which I walked down the path next to the church cemetery, and have never felt anything.
I've been there a couple of times at night and still nothing. However on those occasions I have felt creeped out but nothing more.
On one occasion when snapping photographs at night I thought I saw something in the camera lens but nothing showed up on film. I was disappointed. Maybe it was my imagination.

Tonight I decided to visit again. It was creepier than usual and it's always the woods next to the cemetery that is the creepiest. I'm not sure why that could be. As far as ever hearing, seeing or feeling anything I can't say I have other than the general creepiness of the place which very well could be natural as it is a graveyard.

There are reports of general sense of foreboding. I don't find that surprising as it is a resting place for the dead. As for the temperature drop that has been reported, on one of my first visits I do recall it being slighter cooler in a couple of areas but that could be normal.

Overall, I can't say this place is haunted but I can say I did get quite creeped out on my last visit enough so that I decided not to do any exploring and just leave. However this doesn't mean it's haunted. It was at night and who knows who could be in the woods. There is a long dirt road next to the cemetery and I've walked down it in the past quite a ways but never to the end because I don't know if it leads to someone's house or what. I do know that at one point it had a cable blocking access to anyone most definitely a vehicle but that has been torn down so vehicles coud pass through and on my last visit there were tire marks indicating someone had driven down the road. It was most likely a 4 wheel drive vehicle being that the terrain could be quite muddy during rain and the road is not that great.

It's definitely a place worth exploring though. I would like to explore it more but really haven't had the chance. Who knows if it's really haunted. Many say the majority of cemeteries are.

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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Haunted Highway 25 Hendersonville NC

I read a few years ago that this particular place is supposedly haunted. I don't know if it is or not. It is down the road from Gosnell's Used Auto Parts. THe old barn is no longer there. There used to be a foundation for a burned house but it is no longer there either. I can't remember the exact story behind the fire. Someone posted that the man of the house purposefully started the fire and he also had children. I don't remember if the poster said anyone got hurt or not.
While I was there I didn't experience anything paranormal. I went back at night and besides it being creepy I didn't get any really bad feelings about it. My now ex husband said he felt a heaviness there and didn't really like it and wanted to leave. Now during the day he felt fine with it. And it was only near the burned house not at the barn. It felt more creepy at the barn to me. It is an excellent location for beautiful photos.

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Friday, April 1, 2016

Empty House Travelers Rest SC 121

This was posted back in August 2009. 

Hello, this is an empty house in Travelers Rest SC located at 800 Trammel Rd. This is behind the new construction that I posted in number 120 post. It has also been empty for a very long time even though it a very nice house.

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