Thursday, April 7, 2016

83 Cool Spring Church Rd-Travelers Rest South Carolina

I found this place while joyriding through Travelers Rest which until recently I thought was Tigerville.
Anyway this old house is abandoned. Some of the windows are gone. It's fairly secluded but not too much.
On my first visit I found it rather creepy and heard a number of noises coming from inside which could have been animals or someone could be using it as a place to stay out of the weather such as homeless person.
As always I urge caution when visiting these places as one could encounter an angry squatter that doesn't like his domain/home invaded even though it's abandoned.
I actually found this place when I mapped another spot that is supposedly haunted nearby.
On a scale of 1 to 20 I give it a 9. Not bad. It's a nice area, I found it interesting. And there is a driveway one can park in and there aren't any close neighbors to be nosy and not too much traffic. It is also flat with no ditches or ravines. A definite plus.

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