Sunday, April 3, 2016

New Salem Baptist Church South Carolina

Salem Baptist Church, Travelers Rest SC. Some refer to it as Salem Baptist Church, Tigerville SC.
It is not too far from the North Greenville University.

I'm referring to the cemetery. There are numerous reports online about the cemetery being haunted. I can't attest to this as I've been there a number of times and felt nothing. I've been several times during the day, one of which I walked down the path next to the church cemetery, and have never felt anything.
I've been there a couple of times at night and still nothing. However on those occasions I have felt creeped out but nothing more.
On one occasion when snapping photographs at night I thought I saw something in the camera lens but nothing showed up on film. I was disappointed. Maybe it was my imagination.

Tonight I decided to visit again. It was creepier than usual and it's always the woods next to the cemetery that is the creepiest. I'm not sure why that could be. As far as ever hearing, seeing or feeling anything I can't say I have other than the general creepiness of the place which very well could be natural as it is a graveyard.

There are reports of general sense of foreboding. I don't find that surprising as it is a resting place for the dead. As for the temperature drop that has been reported, on one of my first visits I do recall it being slighter cooler in a couple of areas but that could be normal.

Overall, I can't say this place is haunted but I can say I did get quite creeped out on my last visit enough so that I decided not to do any exploring and just leave. However this doesn't mean it's haunted. It was at night and who knows who could be in the woods. There is a long dirt road next to the cemetery and I've walked down it in the past quite a ways but never to the end because I don't know if it leads to someone's house or what. I do know that at one point it had a cable blocking access to anyone most definitely a vehicle but that has been torn down so vehicles coud pass through and on my last visit there were tire marks indicating someone had driven down the road. It was most likely a 4 wheel drive vehicle being that the terrain could be quite muddy during rain and the road is not that great.

It's definitely a place worth exploring though. I would like to explore it more but really haven't had the chance. Who knows if it's really haunted. Many say the majority of cemeteries are.

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  1. I've been there quite a few times, because I went to school just down the road there. I would say it is DEFINITELY haunted- I've been at night and in daylight and felt that sense of foreboding. I've seen orbs of light at the tops of the trees at night, heard voices coming from the field by the graveyard, seen an apparition (I actually submitted the listing for this place on The Shadowlands Archive).

    In fact, I took a friend there today- at the same time, we felt like we were going to throw up when we walked in the same spot.

    Though maybe not a traditional "haunting," there is most certainly an evil presence at this place.