Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Spencer Mtn Mansion-Charlotte North Carolina

I visited this place some time ago and went on several occasions during the day and at night. I haven't been in awhile but don't want to go alone. It is very interesting to say the least. The history of the place can be read about online along with directions on how to get there.

I had first passed this place when in the area buying a car but I had no idea of it's history or anything about it. I was surprised when I realized I was that close but had inkling this house even existed.

I can say without a doubt without even a moments hesitation and I am somewhat of a skeptic that this place is haunted. I can't with certainty say by what force or energy but my gut says the things that haunt this place are not good. There could be good ones but I'd say the bad outweighs the good.

When we went even though it is clearly posted, No Trespassing, we still went inside the house which really is a house not a mansion as it says but back in the day it probably was considered a mansion. I didn't really feel anything odd or out of place in the house. The one thing I noticed that was unusual, although it appears kids and others have there so they could have been the culprits, were chairs in front of every window. I thought that a little odd.

The weirdness was outside around the house. To be more specific, the woods around the house are what's weird. And very creepy. There is some type of animal in those woods that makes a screeching sound that make it impossible to explore the area without fear and since I'm uncertain of what type of animal could be making the sounds I was loathe to explore further as was my companion so we left the wooded area.
To be specific the wooded area surrounding the house reeks of death and not of a dead animal but human death. I was parked out front in the little parking area in front of the house and the odor wafted out there. I imagine the wind picked up slightly and carried it our way. It was so spooky we promptly left after trying to explore the woods. I didn't get any bad feelings inside the house but outside was another story. However, there have been reports of ghosts and paranormal activity with this house and it seems to be pretty well documented.
I'm more of a skeptic and even this house made my hair stand on end and not because it was weird because there is some type of presence at this house and as I said earlier my gut says it isn't good.

We also explored across the street at what was more than likely pharr yarns at one time. Nothing spooky about it. It appears to be used as a fishing hole by many. Nothing spectacular but still interesting as it is connected with the house.
The house is one creepy building. I give it a 20 on a scale of 1-20 which you'll probably never see, not much anyway. A word of warning DO NOT go alone to this house. In fact if possible it is best to visit with more than two people so everyone can give his/her take on the house just to have some perspective. And give insight and information. Especially if you study the paranormal. This will be beneficial in your research.

It is located in Spencer Mtn out of Ranlo. If I'm not mistaken it is on Spencer Mtn Rd. It has been awhile since I visited. I would like to go back soon and take some photographs.
Also beware as it is clearly posted no trespassing you could be fined or even taken to jail if the police catch you. But honestly I think that is the least of your worries.

Again a 20 on a scale of 1-20 on the interest and spooky scale. My opinion, definitely haunted.

One can park right in front of the house as there is a cutout parking area or directly across the street where the old Pharr yarns used to be.

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  1. Hello, I was reading your updated blog on the Spencer Mountain Mansion. What is on the net is not entirely true. However, it was originally the "Old Love House", a civil war soldier Samuel Love built that house for his wife Sarah. Yes, the places has been investigated by me and a few other groups. There is more expansive vandalism and the rest of the houses were literally burnt down by the local fire department. The roads are all blocked off with piles of dirt and asphalt. Also, it's located in Gaston County. That entire area has seen a lot of tragedies, including a young man that committed suicide due to a "broken heart" and that happened in 2001 on the concrete bridge that is across the road from the house. Not easily visible but, it is before you cross both bridges over the South Fork River. I met a lady and her brother that used to live there and the lady used to work in that house when it was a haunted attraction. She remembers the incidents the firefighter encountered. There is a LOT more to that area that what most of anyone knows about and it won't be found online.