Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Cute Vintage 1962 Camper

This is another camper/RV offered by my uncle for sale. He fully restored it and asked a very reasonable price although I don't remember exactly what he asked for it. I thought it was a little low but for an old camper I guess it was about right although it's a classic. Here's a link I found to some information about the old campers. Old Camper Information

I've been visiting and photographing allegedly haunted and/or abandoned houses/places/roads/highways, etc. for several years now. In the beginning it was mostly North and South Carolina but later when I started travelling extensively I started visiting places throughout the south, midwest and Michigan and Ohio and occasionally other places. Not too many are creepy but most are in disrepair and rural decay. I like photographing old houses, cemeteries, barns, old cars(restored and unrestored) nature, lakes, oceans, etc.

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Peace and blessings be with you.......

By HauntedLegendHunter