Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Burns Rd House-Travelers Rest SC

Burns Rd House-Travelers Rest SC Revisited
Recently I went back to this location with my significant other. I wanted to explore the inside. On another occasion when I went I checked the back door and it was unlocked. So when I went back we went inside and looked around.
I would say the house was built in the 1950's judging by the color scheme of the bathroom. My SO noticed that new electrical wiring has been installed. Oddly the front door is very old with a very old lock, etc. The attic has been converted. It was very hot up there however. Someone left an old mattress behind and some old clothes. The wood paneling in the living room and ceiling looks to be cedar wood.
There is an old shed right behind the house, a very small one, that contains dishes, etc.
Overall, it isn't a creepy place. What adds to it's mystique is the fact it sits all alone. There are no neighbors right next to the house. And the fact the house is right beside Allen Knob which has been said to have not only ghosts but a demon. For that reason I'm not sure if I would want to live that close to a place like that. There is no way to know why the place is empty. My significant other noted it was probably a rental and it is just between renters. But there is no surefire way to know why it now sits empty.
When I find a place like this especially if it is close to a place that is said to have paranormal activity I always wonder if the reason it sits empty is because there was supernatural happenings and the residents left when the could stand no more. It's an interesting thought.
Of note: It does have an old rotary phone on the wall in the kitchen. Those are very old and why someone would not update such an old phone is beyond me. They are completely outdated and must be replaced with a new one should the phone stop working. Also noted: And old rusted out swingset in the backyard which I made note of on an earlier visit.
Interest level: High. On a scale of 1 to 20 I rate it at 16. Definitely worth driving by if nothing else.

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Friday, August 25, 2017

83 Cool Spring Ch Rd-Travelers Rest SC

Update: This house was torn down three or four years ago. I want to say there is a new house there now but I can't remember.

My significant other and I revisited this place. This time we both went inside. It is quite interesting. More so than first anticipated. It is very delipidated and rundown. Many of the windows are missing. Probably stolen by looters and thieves.
In one room the floor is falling through. The roof is also falling through in places. It is extremely dirty as would be expected.
It appears that it has become a place for crack addicts and such to hang out as we found a crack pipe. Not a place to be hanging out for any length of time due to obvious criminal activity taking place. There was also an ashtray with fresh cigarette butts in it so people probably do hang out here. So it definitely isn't a place to go snooping in at night. You never know who or what you might encounter.

Interest level: 12 on a scale of 1 to 20. Easy parking, can do right in front of house. No close neighbors. I was there standing out front one day and there was a fella down the road mowing his grass and he didn't come down and say anything so I'd say it's relatively not a nosy neighborhood. Although you do encounter those every place you go.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Outer Banks North Carolina October 2012

My last visit to the outer banks was in October I believe. I haven't been out for awhile. I've been spending so much time on my blogging. I'm on medical leave from my job until at least June I found out the other day. I'm still working for my uncle part time but only part of the time. I had a setback when my car was giving me so much trouble and I couldn't get to work a few times. Most people know how that goes. Bosses don't like it when you can't get to work. My uncle of course is fairly lenient but he had some stuff that had to be gotten to on those days and they couldn't wait so he sent my cousin Lavonia instead and I got cheated out of that work. It was the car's fault, if it hadn't been for that fuel pump(I'll talk more about that later on how difficult it is to diagnose a fuel pump problem) I would have gotten to work on time.

Anyway, enough complaining!
My last trip was good, in fact it was real good. It was better than the first trip to Nags Head that I took. That trip was never intended. I started in Virginia on the Virginia/North Carolina line and drove until I saw a sign for(can't even remember the name of the town, I remember it was 97 miles away, I thought 97 miles would only be an hour and a half but I miscalculated how much longer it would take driving through the mountains) Danville(I had to look it up, amazing, I think I'm losing my mind or I've been to so many places I can't remember them all)and once I got to Martinsville(that came before Danville) I was getting pretty tired and decided I wasn't driving back through the windy mountain roads. Later, after I thought about it I realized I should have stopped there and turned and went back the next day. Sometimes, this happens. Especially since I wanted to go back to Brammel West Virginia(I'll post more about that later).
But I kept driving and by 9 PM I was tired, very tired. I had the opportunity to head towards Greensboro NC but I kept heading east on Hwy 58. I had no idea where it going to take me. The next day I saw the signs for Virginia Beach and thought it would be a nice place to visit since I'd heard only good things about it and I suppose for some it may be a nice place to visit but I didn't find it appealing and quickly left. Instead of driving back to Danville or close where I could pick up a highway to Greenboro NC I decided to head south on Hwy 168 which took me to Nags Head NC.
I drove that late in the evening(the dusk and dark moved in quickly) and it was so beautiful I wanted to go back the next day but I wanted to explore Corolla and Ocracoke Island so I didn't make it back. It really wasn't that far and I regret that I didn't. I know that at some point I will probably make it back, I hope.

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Trying To Get Back Into The Swing Of Things

My life has been so up and down that I haven't posted here in five months. I put most of the posts that were published into draft over a year ago as I decided to move them to my new hosted blog but decided against moving old ones and just going with new content for the new blog which I haven't worked on much in the past year instead opting to write my articles. That never has taken off like I would prefer.

I'm trying to get back into things here. Republish all the old posts and write some new ones too. I'm also going to add some regular pictures and not just cemeteries, old houses and haunted places. I have many pictures of old cars, nature, etc. A couple of years ago I tried to have a different blog for everything. One for old house pictures, one for old car pictures, one for collectibles and weird items. Just way too many items.

Plus I've been dealing with the my new lifestyle of living in my car and that has been hard especially in a small hatchback. I'm looking to getting into a bigger car and I write about it on my new car living blog.

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