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Hello and welcome to my blog. This page/post details all of my blogs. I've created new ones and reactivated old ones.
I have two new blogs. They are The Dark Write and Double The Batch. An older one Honey Silk.
My main blog is Haunted Abandoned Carolinas and is spinoff of this one(5Ve). My personal life blog is FlameBrio and is more articles than anything. There's LegendHunter which is new and features pictures I've taken over the years when I was on the road. You can read some of my articles at Hubpages. There's DulGra which I've just reactivated and will feature love and dating articles, Americarse which I've just started back up and features old cars, Merefotos features random photos, another blog which I removed, where I talk about my time on the road, living in a car much of the time, an RV when it's not broken down and getting repairs and occasionally sharing a house with my ex husband and of course the reasons I ended up in this situation, Spectral Divinity which features old house photos, Cypress Willow Blog which features random nature photos as well. It is one of my earliest blogs. I created it just after haunted505 and I just can't give it up even if some of the content overlaps and I think the name is fitting since I love willow trees. And of course there is my favorite 5Ve which features haunted and abandoned places. It's the original Haunted Abandoned Carolinas and since I've taken down most of the posts preparing to move them which I've yet to do it has lost much of the traction and traffic it had when I started it back in 2009.

And this brings me to how I started blogging. Back in 2009 I started taking a lot of pictures with a fuji camera which I loved. One day my ex husband told me I should start posting them since I was taking so many. I was traveling constantly with work and taking many, many pictures along the way. So when I got home I took him up on his suggestion and started blogging about my trips and the haunted places I'd visited. After awhile I ran out of haunted places that were close enough and started photographing abandoned houses which led to cemeteries and nature. Eventually, I upgraded my camera to a DSLR and I now have two DSLR's and two compact cameras although I rely mostly on my smartphone for pictures now. It is so much more convenient to upload to facebook and twitter.

I bought my second DSLR two years ago when I was in California on the pacific coast and decided that a smartphone just couldn't capture the true essence of the beauty up the pacific coast highway.

Now I don't take that many pictures because I spend a great deal more time in one city/town and don't like to waste gas like I have in the past especially with my new living arrangements and can't find that much in one small area.

I still have a lot of pictures(thousands) from my time when I traveled and never stayed in one place for more than a night or two. Thousands I've yet to get up on one of my blogs. I plan to but there are just so many pictures I don't know where to start.
And of course I've deleted some blogs which at the time seemed like a good idea like my fashion blog, my making money blog which is silly because they never go anywhere and can so easily be classified as a spam blog unless the content is really good, a photography blog centering around just articles and cameras, again not a good idea for me or my occult blogs/website which I really liked but couldn't keep up with. And let's not forget my mature content sites I created back in 1999 and my psychic sites I created shortly thereafter. I earned residual income from those sites for quite some time before completely abandoning them and shutting them down. In 2005, 2006 I created personal sites which I eventually abandoned those too when I couldn't keep up. I was taking care of my ailing mother and after she died I started traveling(there's a long sordid story behind it) and had no interest in blogging.

If I create any more blogs I'll be sure to come back here and update the post to reflect the new blog. By Rachel Holbert-Jones

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