Monday, March 30, 2009

Melton Pond Rd-Hendersonville NC

Melton Pond Rd-Hendersonville NC

There is nothing else on this road other than what's left of the house and an old barn and a couple of tractor trailers to the side that are no longer in use. At the end of the road where you pull in from tabor road is Gosnell's used parts but other than that there is nothing else here.

I've visited this place on many occasions, alone and with someone. I can tell you from my own experience and from what my companion told me, this place is haunted. I didn't find this place in the shadowlands index or on ghosts of america or any other website featuring haunted places. This one was my own find.

My experiences and my companions say this is a haunted place. It doesn't really seem creepy. It's a beautiful area as a matter of fact.
Every time I've been there something weird or strange happens. There are odd noises. It feels like I'm being watched even though no one is there. The oddities occur mostly at what's left of the garage. Although my companion says the occurences happened at the barn for him. There isn't a great distance from the barn to the garage.

I can't find any history on the place so I don't know what there is nothing left but the carport. I read about a year ago there was a fire somewhere probably in this or the surrounding area that was supposed to be haunted but I could never get enough information to find the place and I can no longer find the website where this information was listed.

It is quite creepy at night. You are quite sure to hear strange sounds and noises. I've taken pictures at night at this place but nothing really interesting that I could see showed up on the photographs. Although I need to take a second look and take more pictures.

Interest level: Scale 1-20, a 12. It is very interesting, it is a beautiful area, it is private, not too many people come to this spot although a few do. At night automobiles from the hwy(it is off US Hwy 25) cannot see a vehicle parked up there. However someone does use it to store bails of hay. Be careful in the barn if exploring there, it has quite a large dropoff down to a lower level and you would most likely get hurt if a fall occured.

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  1. You're certain that the noises couldn't come from the highway or from anything nearby? I read that there was a used parts store at the end of the road... What sort of sounds? Are there any "No Trespassing" signs or likewise around the area that would prevent investigation, though I know you said that the area was private...

  2. Hey, this is my family's land. If you want more info on the fire etc. you can email me at

  3. The barn has burned down. The cause is unknown. They never found any evidence of sommeone perposefully setting it on fire

  4. Does any one have any or know of any more stories...Also .. When I was a kid like 13 some friends of mine took me to a place in Endeyville and there was this old house .To me it looked like a mantion.Well any way ..It was after dark like maybe 1 am or so.As we all sat in the car stuff started to happen.Lights started going on and offthe fountain out frunt started working amd I swaire I saw a statue move and look right at us... We saw shadows on the porch whitch was kinda rounded half way around the house.There were noises like doors banging and what sounded like people walking around... If any one knows of this place let me know.You can find me on Face Book ....Lorraine Cookie Hilgendorf send me a friends request......